Shutter Snaps

Some form of a Canon Eos has been amongst my best friends since the 1990’s… back when I had access to a dark room and everything! (There was so much, as a student, I took for granted.) I’ve never had the discipline to master the mechanics- seriously, so far, my only trick is to adjust the shutter speed. Switch to apertures? The numbers all blur together for me… Still few things inspire me more than re-framing the world through the viewfinder, so I hope you enjoy some of the snapshots I’ll share along the way.

P.S. Some of these pictures have a little added poetry to go with them: because a picture can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and that seemed like the most fun way for me to share the scene as it played out in my imagination.

Some of my better shots (without any of that silly writing business!), are available on iStock.

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