Saturday Snip-pix

Saturday Snip-pixI certainly love books, and I started this blog with that in mind.

But I also love photography- and the photography community I’ve discovered on WordPress has been such a tremendous support encouraging me to apply myself and make my first growth in that department since way back to the photography classes I took in high school. (Old fashioned actual film, with negatives and everything! I still miss it… but I couldn’t actually afford to pursue any kind of photography at this point if it weren’t for digital)

Lately, I’ve decided it’s time to brush up on those starter graphic design classes I took awhile back. To give myself a focus, I’ve started this weekly feature where I get to combine my love of books with my photography… and start refreshing myself on all those Adobe skills in the process. During the week, I keep my eyes out for a quote that really hits me, then I do my best to find a photo of mine that matches something about its message… then try to put them together in an appealing (and hopefully legible) way.

I hope you enjoy, at least a couple of them!

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