Some of my Story

I never got a letter to Hogwarts. I have yet to meet anyone- never mind a well-born bachelor -with a fixed income of 10,000 pounds a year. Even foregoing dragons, I will probably never get the chance to tame so much as a fox. Yet I have muddled through.

I moved to New York after college, thinking it would be fun for a few years. Now it’s been over a decade, and I still find myself unable to leave. One of the most amazing things about the city is how easy it is to have an adventure. You can leave your house with nothing but your wallet and have almost any kind of day you please… with almost no advance planning. Okay, now that I have a kid, “adventures” have become much more confined. However, lately, I’ve discovered it’s also incredibly easy (and cheap) to see an incredible array of authors- often free or, at most, for the cost of the book (see my page, The Dust Jacket, for more information). It’s been a pretty amazing way to keep my sanity during the first year of parenthood. After all, I read about twenty picture books a day to my daughter… doesn’t my imagination deserve a a little sharpening too?

I’d still rather be in Hogwarts, though.

P.S. An aside about the name of this blog: yes, I chose a name that’s supposed to be anonymous. Yet the irony is that pretty much everyone I know in my personal AND professional life knows of and teases me about my devotion to dogs. I was so thrilled that this name was available, but I have yet to write a single canine post.

27 thoughts on “Some of my Story

  1. Ah I wondered about the blog name when I saw your bookish posts. Now I know the answer a dog lover with a penchant for books. Being fond of furry friends both cats and dogs that sits well with me. Interesting blog, nice to find you via Friday 56.

    1. It’s true… I think I started this blog before I found all of these author events, too, so it wound up being extra bookish… But I don’t have it in me to maintain multiple blogs so the name stays even though my focus has wandered and/or clarified.

      1. Yes, I haven’t got it in me to do multiple blogs either, and this one will grow in all sorts of diverse directions I reckon. I’ve got all sorts of ideas just not enough time for them all!

      2. I had a lot of fancy plans, but lately, all it seems I can manage are the author events which I can fit into my schedule (which aren’t very many) and photography- which I’ve always loved and am now trying to resurrect what I used to know from classes. I am justifying the combination by featuring my own photos of the authors- ah ha! Justification complete!

      3. It’s great that you can combine the photography with the author events. It must be difficult to find the time particularly when you have a young child to look after.

      4. Well, you’ll notice a lot of the events as “books at noon.” The New York Public Library and Bryant Park run a lot of lunchtime programs, during the spring and summer, that I can

      5. Oops- phone sent that one too early- that I can take my daughter to and feed her lunch while I listen to the author’s talk. Admittedly, depending on her mood, I get to focus less on certain authors than others.

  2. I love New York and go there as often as I can! I sure living there is very different from visiting but you do describe it perfectly. So much to see and experience just walking down the block. Cheers to more great photos!

    1. Thanks, Mary! I think it took between five to seven years to really settle into the rhythm of city life… I know it doesn’t seem like it from the outside, but I like how simple life can be here. Growing up in the suburbs, everything seemed a lot more about “stuff,” whereas here, it’s more about experiences. I do mean to leave eventually, but I’ve gotten so used to it here!

    1. Hi Anita!- or Bonjour! Thank you for following my blog- I love your pictures, and I especially look forward to keeping up with your posts to help me resurrect my French. I had studied it in school, but never got very good at speaking and stopped practicing altogether. Now that I have a daughter, though, I think it’s important (but difficult in the US) to start exposing her to different languages when she is still young, so I have been watching a lot of French cartoons lately, and what I used to know is slowly coming back. (Not that Caillou is very advanced language!)

      1. Coucou,
        Thank you very much for your response, me too, I discover english blog to improve my english.
        I will post subject to my page forum and you can participate so that to improve your french

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