Children’s Lessons Adults Have Forgotten: She’s Not Bossy…

She’s not bossy, she’s the boss.

When they are our daughters, we are much better about teaching them to express themselves, to stand up for their opinions, to be proud of their achievements instead of tucking them away so no one else felt intimidated by their skills. Somehow, by the time girls are women (and they are someone else’s daughters, not our own), those ideals have been pushed aside in favor of fitting in with “workplace culture” or fear of coming off as abrasive.

Now, my three year old has gotten into some truly painful, branded stuff (some of which I’m pretty sure includes some kind of subliminal messages designed to turn kids into demons)… Doc McStuffins came out with this song. I fully intend to teach this lesson to my daughter- and my son- but I hope I remember to keep the message going into adulthood:

When you’re good at something, don’t apologize for it.


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