The Women’s March in New York

Let me begin by saying, this is the first time I have marched or attended any organized political protest in person- and it was amazing. New York is not the warmest, friendliest of places- there are too many of us to be too talkative with each other in day-to-day life, but yesterday there was an incredible feeling of camaraderie and solidarity with all of these strangers. Every age group was represented, from the grandmas, to the (actual) babes in arms.  


I heard a man behind me say, as we all slugged along together, holding our signs and trying out different chants: “It’s so easy to fall into cynical despair at home, but I’m surprised to see how many people made it out here today. It really gives me hope.”

The Women’s March drew a much larger crowd than had been anticipated, so the progress along the route was incredibly slow, but the whole thing still ran peacefully and efficiently. And, I think it is worth noting that all of the police officers I saw working the route were extremely relaxed and cheerful, many seemed to be enjoying their assignment, and at least one even thanked a marcher.

My personal favorite chants that went around were

“We won the popular vote”

“Show me what democracy looks like/ This is what democracy looks like”

“My body my choice” (the women) “Her body, her choice” (the men)

My three year old preferred the popular: “We want a leader/ not a creepy tweeter”

It was an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to continue on this journey with all of our fellow marchers across the globe! We have come too far to loose the progress we made!


3 thoughts on “The Women’s March in New York

  1. Ours also had “Show me what democracy looks like/ This is what democracy looks like”. I didn’t hear your three-year-old’s favorite, but I did appreciate a sign that said “My pussy eats things that tweet.”

    1. That is wonderful. As you know, I can’t figure out twitter, so tweeting pretty much only comes up in our house in reference to his Orangeness, and Austen still sings the song whenever she hears about someone tweeting.

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