Other Things to Do (Than Watch this Inauguration)

If you are genuinely psyched about today’s ceremony, clearly this post is not for you. But, if the man about to enter the Oval Office and his hastily assembled cabinet picks are not your cup of tea, here are some ideas you can do instead of watching:

-just in general pretend it isn’t happening
-binge watch RuPaul’s Drag Race
-read books
-watch other, better inaugurations online

There’s the ambitious, which of course, I aim personally aiming for-

-volunteer (probably a bit late if you haven’t lined it up already, or less feasible of you are stuck with 2 small kids at home like I am)
-read up on an issue Say something like climate change, so you can make more informed arguments, rather than just sharing fun memes (not that memes aren’t fun, but I don’t think they have ever really convinced someone who didn’t agree with their message in the first place)
-choose a charity
that seeks to protect something you value- human rights, the environment, etc., and give any amount you can afford to give. (Trust me, I work for a nonprofit- we are grateful for every single one of the donations that we receive, even if people sometimes feel like what they can afford to give is not much, it is truly appreciated)
-Be kind to others, especially people who are “other” than you (different skin color, different religion, different gender, different sexual orientation, etc). It shouldn’t be on the ambitious list, but sometimes it does take that much extra effort to go out of the way for other people, especially if you are feeling down. But there’s that whole “be the change” philosophy….

In addition, many museums in New York are offering pay as you wish admission today, along with many programs celebrating tolerance and inclusion. There are a couple of lists below, depending on the format you prefer: even one aimed at families with children.




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