Inspiration, From an Early Reader

In the four months since my second child was born, I still haven’t managed to finish a single adult-length novel- hell, YOUNG ADULT-LENGTH novel. I know that things will improve: this is the second child, so I know no matter how interminable these rough stretches may seem when you are in them, they do in fact get easier.

It leaves me to find my inspiration in my children and their picture books- but man, if I could only live in a world where dragons did eat tacos, and my bathtub could fly me to the moon….
This has been a rough November (at least for the U.S.)- I hope this makes someone feel a little better, a little stronger.



5 thoughts on “Inspiration, From an Early Reader

    1. Isn’t there a famous quote about there’s no such thing as good children’s books, just good books. I wish it were a little more true, but lots of children’s books should continue to be read by adults! (But maybe not bizzy bear…)

      1. With the exception of stuff like the Winx Club simple chapter books that my 7-year-old currently enjoys (at least she’s reading) I tend to agree re: there being so many good children’s books out there. I am looking forward to rediscovering Narnia (hopefully) in the not too distant future with my kids.

      2. Yeah, my daughter loves books that have “reading level 2” on them- which all manage to somehow be more boring than level 1… but I can slip in some higher level books that are a bit more interesting to me… I don’t know if it’s pushing it for a seven year old or not, but if you are looking forward to Narnia, you should try the Twistrose Key. I really enjoyed it, and I think it’s similar in theme but easier than Narnia.

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