Shutter Snaps/WPC: Morning (Apologies)


This week’s poem is meant as a little apology to everyone for being behind in the blogoshere world. I have come to love and miss combing through all of your many different posts… however, my kids don’t care! (What jerks!)

Every morning these days, I wake and think-
“Today! Today I will get something done!”
Before I can, one of them needs to drink-
and, not to be outdone, the other one
has pulled together a diaper mess so
spectacular that it defies the laws
of physics. The day is not done yet, though.
I take the time for a positive pause.
“Today,” I affirm, “I will read a book.”
And I do… hundreds and thousands of them.
Early literacy goals overtook
my fortitude with early reading gems.
If they nap (which they don’t) at the same time
(which they don’t), I’d do the dishes. “Today!”
I eye all the accumulated grime.
“I will clean something.” And I do… I spray
down everything they’ve spilled juice on, Tonight…
I close my eyes with something like stage fright.
~Brooke Lindsay

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge/WPC: Morning


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