Shutter Snaps/WPC: Look Up


Just out… wondering
what the world might have in store
for its freshest face.
~Brooke Lindsay

I add a brief note to say that although this little guy has been keeping us busy, I am hoping to end my accidental, life-necessitated blogging hiatus. I only started a blog because, essentially, everyone says you have to, and while it is obvious I am hardly a social butterfly of social media, I have truly missed participating in this online community and look forward to catching up with the world again… as much as newborns let you anyway!

… And I realize it’s a little stretch of an interpretation on the “look up” theme, but I was so impressed that he already had his eyes open and was looking right up at whatever face he could see, when he was so very new, they hadn’t even cleaned him off.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

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