6 thoughts on “Shutter Snaps/ WPC: Landscape

  1. “A mix of my favorite distractions.” I can relate to that. With a camera in hand, capturing everything along the way and sharing with fellow bloggers is something I do a lot. I can see the same pattern in your blog where you literally share your world through your snaps. Of course, the blog name and your DP is adorable! Having enjoyed your content all these days, I would like to nominate you for the Liebster Award 2016. If you would like to accept, please visit this link to answer 11 questions I have posted to my nominees. https://nivs24.wordpress.com/2016/04/06/yay-me-for-liebster-2016/


    1. Thanks Nivs! I have been enjoying your content as well, and am grateful for the nomination! I have a toddler who makes any blog post that requires too much keyboard interaction harder to get to, but I will do my best to reciprocate soon!

      1. Sure, do take your time to get back. Look forward to it whenever you post. I replied earlier with smiley as I was on the run.

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