Shutter Snaps: “Real” (WPC: Happy Place & (extra)ordinary)

A Well Loved HorseI’ve been so overworked these past few weeks that, fittingly, I totally skipped my “Happy Place” last week. The work deadline’s not over yet, so I’m combining that with (Extra)ordinary – because, in fact, my daughter’s “Skin Horse” (named after the character in the Velveteen Rabbit) always makes me feel more optimistic. Skin Horse came to us already loved- we saved her from being thrown out- and her already worn-condition has made her the perfect stuffed animal for things like being sat on and dragged on the dirty New York sidewalks- thus making her my daughter’s favorite toy lately. The fact that only a few weeks ago, someone thought her best days were over, but this weekend, she rode the bus to Queens to join us on a 3-acre “Triple Crown” themed corn maze gives me hope, just about life in general. So here goes with my weekly (usually) attempt at capturing this sort of thing in rhyme:

My daughter brought her

favorite stuffed “Skin Horse”

To the country fair.

Shortly, though my toddler

got tired, so, of course,

handed me her old mare.

I feigned I was bothered

to carry the poor coarse

creature: worn, and threadbare,

Don’t tell my daughter

We’ve secret discourse

and make a fine pair.

~Brooke Lindsay


4 thoughts on “Shutter Snaps: “Real” (WPC: Happy Place & (extra)ordinary)

    1. True… But I must give SkinHorse this- she is often easier to deal with than our new dog! (He means well, but he is sometimes lacking in the common sense department!)

      1. It’s probably part of the reason that Blue Moon (the dog) is always trying to sneak off with SkinHorse, and possibly gut her while we’re not looking. (In fairness, though, my daughter makes off with his toys quite a bit)

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