The Dust Jacket: Ron Rash

Author Ron Rash spoke at New York Public Library’s Books at Noon program on September 23, 2015, promoting his latest, Above the Waterfall. To hear the interview for yourself… including how he came to be published late in life and why he’s grateful for that…. you can check out the podcast here: Podcast #80: Ron Rash on Writer Survival and Place. In person, he was relaxed and confident, wearing his intellect in a casual sort of way.

When asked about whether or not he would branch out past Appalachia, the region he’s celebrated for exploring, he suggested that perhaps the more “regional” writing allows itself to become, the more it keys into a universal aspect of the human experience. Geography plays in though… he receives letters from “mountain people” the world over who find their stories resonating through the translation of his mountains into their language.

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2 thoughts on “The Dust Jacket: Ron Rash

    1. I always try to go to this series whether I know of the authors beforehand or not, and I often find I’m most impressed by the ones I had no previous expectations for. He was one of those- I’m definitely curious to try out one of his books after hearing him speak.

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