Book Beginnings and Friday 56: Illuminae

Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)

by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Book Beginnings (a la Rose City Reader)

“So here’s the file that almost killed me, Director.

I won’t bore you with the tally of databases plundered, light-years jumped, or cute, sniffling orphans created in its compilation- our fee already reflects Level of Difficulty.”

First Impression: This book is presented as “found footage,” so the visuals are extremely important. The above is obviously a memo, and I’ve included a picture of page 56 to give a better sense.

The Friday 56 is a weekly blog meme hosted by Freda’s Voice. Join in every Friday, the rules are simple.

Rules: *Grab a book, any book. *Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader.

*Find any sentence (or a few, just don’t spoil it) that grab you.

*Post it. *Add your (url) post here in Linky. Add the post url, not your blog url. It’s that simple.

“Copernicus Casualty List: NOT FOR CIVILIAN REVIEW”Illuminae- page 56


26 thoughts on “Book Beginnings and Friday 56: Illuminae

    1. I feel like it makes it hard to access the writer’s writing, but then the decision to organize it as they did is a huge, if unusual, part of their writing process for this one.

      1. Thanks….there were a number of really good answers.

        Thanks for commenting about the Blog Hop. Thanks for liking the question this week.

        We need to spread the word about it.

  1. It sounds really interesting, with all the images. What a lot of work for the creators!

    Thanks for playing along with BBOF. I don’t always stop by to leave comments, but I appreciate your participation!

    1. Thank you for hosting! It’s a fun way to expand your book horizons. I struggle with comments (part of the reason I love Book Beginnings and Friday 56 is because the books can speak for themselves!)- and I’m technologically backward and sometimes have trouble figuring out different blog formats in an efficient time frame… and then my toddler seems to think that, if either of us should be playing with my phone, it should be her, and blogging is done for the day! So I really appreciate the “bite-sized” weekly feature. It helps me feel like I had an adult conversation when it’s hard to squeeze them in sometimes.

      Oh, and I just finished the book, and I think it had a slam-bang finish that elevated it out of the “cool gimmick” it could have been.

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