Shutter Snaps: (WPC: Door)

First, I just have to say that when I saw this week’s theme, I thought, “Well, RedStuffDan‘s got this one locked up.” But my entry’s below anyway… I usually try to avoid phone photos, but this door was too good to pass up, and my phone was all I had!

There are doors, and then there are doors.

Those open with tremendous ROARS-

Lead you right to what you asked for,

Right through everything you abhor,

Offer the world- but with no floor!

So you either must fall- or soar.

~Brooke Lindsay


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door.”


8 thoughts on “Shutter Snaps: (WPC: Door)

  1. Bonjour Black,

    This weeks theme has shown me that there are fabulous doors around the world and that they are a subject much loved by the WP community. Many of this weeks pictures have blown me away – including this leonine example of yours.



    1. Bonjour! Now that I notice you’re in France, I understand why you have a regular feature for doorways. It’s been a long time since I was there, but I remember being almost overwhelmed by how many people took the time to make their doors picturesque. This paint job is a real rarity in its mostly residential, not particularly fancy area, which made it stand out even more.

    1. It did. Cell phone pictures don’t usually do it for me any larger than the phone screen! Perhaps I’ll make it back there with the good camera, but then I’m guaranteed to have a dump truck or something unsightly sitting in front of it, ruining the reflection!

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