Saturday Snip-pix: every day

every-day, by David Levithan
“As if when someone close to us dies, we momentarily trade places with them, in the moment right before. And as we get over it, we’re really living their life in reverse, from death to life, from sickness to health.” ~every day, David Levithan

Saturday Snip-pixHello all- I’ve decided it’s time to create a regular feature to combine my love of books and photography… so, welcome to the very first Saturday Snip-pix! Each week, I’m going to try to combine quotes that particularly caught my attention with some artwork that goes with their theme or style. I would especially love it if anyone would like to join in with me!


2 thoughts on “Saturday Snip-pix: every day

    1. It’s a great story and a beautifully executed book- and it’s really short. I managed to read the whole thing in under 24 hours, even with a toddler at home!

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