The Dust Jacket: Sally Mann

Sally Mann’s received flack for publicly publishing photographs of her children naked (which not everyone found as innocent as she did) and pictures of her husband’s muscle wasted body. You’d expect an artist like that to be calm and unflappable, and, of course, she was: even discussing the smell at the “Body Farm,” where she shot her latest book. For more of her thoughts on books, you can see her interview at the NYPL’s Ask the Author feature. You can also listen to her NPR Fresh Air interview here.

Because of my own experience with photography, what I thought was most interesting was her take on how pictures interfere with or trick up memory, rather than enhancing it.

Ideal Date: Visiting a regular farm- with horses, no corpses


3 thoughts on “The Dust Jacket: Sally Mann

      1. I think I do my own blog as some combined form of creative expression and therapy, so if it works for me, that’s what matters. I think this applies to most blogs.

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