Shutter Snaps: Photo 101: Home

Photo 101: Home

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was thinking when I signed up for WordPress, but I wound up falling in love with the Weekly Photo Challenges. Having the incentive to take pictures again was exciting, and I started to get back into practice.

So, last March I signed up for 365Project. I have not necessarily been the greatest at actually posting everyday- I’m managed to keep up weekly binges instead- (which I might do here as well, partially to keep the number of my posts down. I don’t want to flood anyone’s feed)… But I noticed a few months in… it had actually made a difference. My photos were actually getting better. First, I just got better at editing them on the computer (I know it’s cheating, but even iPhoto has some tools that just astound me sometimes), then at using the preset modes Canon has to offer (another thing that made me feel like I was cheating). But, then, after awhile, I noticed that I was actually framing shots better. I even managed to get a few shots accepted at iStock.

So I was thrilled to see the Photo 101 course was coming back, because nothing has helped me so much as some as structure! (Man, I feel old saying that!)

This picture, by the way, is of my plant, Karma. Back around, when I was in high school, my friend got a job at a local nursery, and I bought a prayer plant to support her. Then I named it Karma, maybe as incentive for me to keep it alive! Fifteen years later, she’s actually still with me.


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