Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Thanks to Natacha Guyot for nominating me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

So, here are five random facts about me.

1) I read the Hunger Games a little bit before everyone else because I really liked the cover art. In fact, I almost didn’t buy it because the plot summary didn’t seem up my alley. (Oops!)

2) I wouldn’t ever vacuum if I didn’t have a Roomba to do it for me. Really. I’ve tried and failed.

3) My one and only tattoo (so far) is an illustration of Sirius Black as Padfoot, sneaking out to see Harry Potter off to the train. I choose it as a tribute to my love of Harry Potter AND dogs (especially black ones). But it was the tattoo artist at Lovecraft Tattoo (in CT, a great place!) who correctly picked the moment from the story: I was an inadequate fan and had just liked the picture.

4) The first time I ever related to a love song personally was when I heard “If It Isn’t Her [It Isn’t Here]” by Ani DiFranco in my early twenties, and thought, “Damn, I do feel that way about my best friend. Too bad we’re straight!” Over ten years later, we’re married and happily raising a child together.

5) I hate the way chocolate tastes. I can enjoy white chocolate in certain variations, but that other part of the cocoa bean everyone loves so much… just does not taste the same to me!!!

Now’s the fun part, where I can potentially annoy five others! If you are an award free blog, please just accept my nomination as a compliment, and a thank you for helping keep me entertained since I’ve joined WordPress!

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