The Dust Jacket: Emily Saint John Mandel

Full confession: I was already intrigued by this author before I read her book. Station Eleven has, of course, been absolutely killing it in reviews. Before I got to the book itself, I found an interview with Emily St. John Mandel where I found out that her “day job” was only a few blocks from my apartment and, much more surprising, she didn’t have any immediate plans to quit even though her fourth novel was already on most of the “Best of” lists for the year.

Emily St. John Mandel at McNally JacksonI finally made it to an appearance on April 29- a panel discussion on Dystopian Literature at McNally Jackson also featuring Porochista Khakpour, Shya Scanlon, and Lincoln Michel, moderated by Jason Diamond and Rahawa Haile. There were lots of people in a little space- and that’s before the crowd showed up. Sandwiched in the back, I could, by lucky accident, only see Emily Saint John Mandel, and became a little confused about who else was saying what. So, absolutely no offense to any of the others, whose work did sound interesting, I am only going to talk about Ms. Mandel.

But in happy news to report: Emily Saint John Mandel carried herself and spoke exactly as you would imagine, after reading Station Eleven. Calm, collected, everything considered, professional with an extra side of philosophy- if you pressed her. For those who won’t get the chance to track her down for an in person appearance, I’m linking to her interview on NPR here.

Ideal Date: Friday (the slow day) at NY Comic Con. A lot to analyze, but not so crowded to preclude actual conversation.


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