April Picture Book Round Up

Title Author Goodreads Rating If We Loved It and Why
Sheep Blast Off! Shaw, Nancy E. 3.39
Milk and Cookies Asch, Frank 4.32
Bats at the Library Lies, Brian 4.16 So, my daughter at 18 months, is sill a little young to be too into this book, but I just love it.
Please, Mr. Panda Antony, Steve * 3.76
Hooray for Hat! Won, Brian * 4.07
Rosie Revere, Engineer Beaty, Andrea * 4.49 Adorable!
Can I Play Too? (Elephant & Piggie, #12) Willems, Mo 4.49
A Big Guy Took My Ball!(Elephant & Piggie, #19) Willems, Mo 4.32
The Princess Knight Funke, Cornelia 3.97 My daughter’s too young for it, but it’s still awesome!
It’s Time to Sleep, My Love Metaxas, Eric 4.16 Beautiful illustrations.
Dinosaur Roar! Stickland, Paul * 4.07 Our ultimate favorite of the opposites primers!
The Snatchabook Docherty, Helen 4.21 Great story, cute pictures, my daughter has loved it since about a year.
The Lion Who Wanted To Love(Orchard Picturebooks) Andreae, Giles 4.12
Edwina the Emu Knowles, Sheena 4.10
Good Morning, Good Night!: A Touch & Feel Bedtime Book Imperato, Teresa 4.06
A Castle Full of Cats Sanderson, Ruth 4.04 My daughter loves to point at pictures of cats and say “CAT.” So she loves this book. The story is cute, and the pictures are beautiful, so I enjoy it too- especially the faces the King pulls.
Charlie Goes to School Drummond, Ree 3.67
Rock ‘N’ Roll Mole Crimi, Carolyn 3.47
Roly-Poly Egg Stileman, Kali 3.79
Spider and the Fly Howitt, Mary 4.19 This book is creepy but leaves quite the imprsssion!
Me & Dog Weingarten, Gene 3.60 This is a really adorable book that delivers an all too true message about the relationship between us and our dogs- and maybe parents and their kids, too…
Nobody’s Diggier Than a Dog Bartoletti, Susan Campbell 3.75
The Moon is La Luna: Silly Rhymes in English and Spanish Harris, Jay M. 3.73
Opuestos: Mexican Folk Art Opposites in English and Spanish Weill, Cynthia 3.89
The Big Green Book of Beginner Books Seuss, Dr. 4.26
Animal Baths Barner, Bob 3.51
I Don’t Want to Be a Frog Petty, Dev * 4.07 I got a good laugh out of this anyway…
D Is for Dragon Dance Compestine, Ying Chang 3.81
Celebrating Holi: A Hindu Celebration of Spring Menon, Sujatha 5.00
Ten Moonstruck Piglets Johnson, Lindsay Lee 3.16
Catching Kisses Gibson, Amy * 3.81 This is really cute, especially if one of the parents has to travel a lot.
Some Dog! Casanova, Mary* 4.03
I Will Surprise My Friend! Willems, Mo 4.39
Are You Ready to Play Outside? Willems, Mo 4.38
Elephants Cannot Dance! Willems, Mo 4.29
Stuck Jeffers, Oliver 4.18
Oh So Tiny Bunny Kirk, David 3.10
Red is a Dragon: A Book of Colors Thong, Roseanne 3.94
Big Bad Bunny Billingsley, Franny 3.61 This is great book for both my daughter and I- so much fun to read a loud!
Louise Loves Art Light, Kelly 4.07
It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown Schulz, Charles M. 4.12
Open This Little Book Klausmeier, Jesse * 4.12
Dinner with the Highbrows Holt, Kimberly Willis 3.00
Paddington Bond, Michael 4.20
Clark the Shark Hale, Bruce * 3.61
Diary of a Wombat French, Jackie 4.25
Locomotive Floca, Brian 4.16
The Monsterator Graves, Keith 3.84 This is a really cute Halloween book.
Baby Penguins Love their Mama Guion, Melissa 3.60
Bugs in My Hair! Shannon, David 3.82 So… this is a book about having lice. Yeah, I wasn’t quite clear about that for some reason. So, we didn’t really need an instructional book on this issue at the moment… but no matter, my daughter LOVED this book. She kept requesting it over and over again, because of the appealing artwork and entertaining way the issue is accepted. So, if you feel up to reading about a lice infestation, this book is fun and educational.
What If? Seeger, Laura Vaccaro 3.05
The Hueys in… It Wasn’t Me Jeffers, Oliver 3.55

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