March Roundup: Children’s Picture Books

Below is a list of the new picture books my daughter and I made it through in March…. Comments added next to our favorites, with the reason WHY we liked them so much! Hope this helps someone out there find more good reading… feel free to share if you have any recommendations for us, too!

Title Author Average



Diary of a BABY Wombat French, Jackie 3.88
A Dragon Moves In Falkenstern, Lisa 3.56
Gracie, The Lighthouse Cat Brown, Ruth 3.63 Beautiful pictures!
The Cat’s Tale: Why the Years Are Named for Animals Orgel, Doris 2.85
Happy Birthday, Madame Chapeau Beaty, Andrea * 4.17 Both my daughter and I loved this book. She’s only 16 months, so it should be too long for her, but the nice, tight rhyme scheme and the pictures both hold her attention really well… and it’s such a sweet message!
Peppa Pig and the Great Vacation Press, Candlewick 3.46 I had no idea that Peppa Pig existed until my daughter pulled this book off the library shelf… and I wish I still didn’t. I’ve now talked to several parents who hate Peppa as much as I do. So, I guess, avoid her if you can… but it’s sounding like there’s no escape!
Who Put the Cookies in the Cookie Jar? Shannon, George 3.69
Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth Haynes, Emily 3.90 I think this book is adorable and a fun introduction to Hindu mythology. My daughter just likes the pictures and the play acting.
When Mermaids Sleep Bonwill, Ann 3.71 I love this beautiful, dreamy book. My daughter likes it fine, but not as much as me.
The Deep Deep Puddle Parker, Mary Jessie 3.36
One Ted Falls Out of Bed Donaldson, Julia 3.76 Really cute counting, rhyming book from the Gruffalo/Room on a Broom person.
Count the Monkeys Barnett, Mac 4.24
I Broke My Trunk! Willems, Mo 4.41
Opposites Boynton, Sandra 3.86
Red: A Crayon’s Story Hall, Michael 4.28
The Mermaid and the Shoe Campbell, K.G. 3.98
The Numberlys Joyce, William * 3.95
I Am the Wolf…and Here I Come! Guettier, Bénédicte 3.10
Uni the Unicorn Rosenthal, Amy Krouse * 3.82
Hush, Little Dragon Ashburn, Boni * 4.22 My daughter and I love this one equally- I sing this to her now instead of the traditional “Hush, Little Baby.”
A Gold Star for Zog Donaldson, Julia 4.12 I’m obviously on a mission to make my daughter believe in dragons. She loves this book- it has a really tight rhyme scheme and is very repetitive, so right up her alley. I like that it has a girl-power message embedded in the story without feeling forced.
The Gruffalo’s Child Donaldson, Julia 4.26 Dare I say? I like this even better than the Gruffalo- it’s shorter so the attention span is better for younger children.
The Gruffalo Donaldson, Julia 4.43 This book says “Read a long classic” on all the covers I’ve seen, and I have to agree… in general, this author knows how to keep a good rhythm going in her stories!
Tap Tap Boom Boom Bluemle, Elizabeth * 3.48 Don’t bring this book home unless you are prepared to read it ALL THE TIME. My daughter loves it and constantly asks for it by name.
Abuela Dorros, Arthur 3.99
Ten Apples Up On Top! LeSieg, Theo 4.07
The Highway Rat Donaldson, Julia 3.90
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Stuck in the Mud Drummond, Ree 3.62
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Charlie Goes to the Doctor Drummond, Ree 3.86
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Charlie’s New Friend Drummond, Ree 3.92
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Where’s the Bacon? Drummond, Ree 4.15
Five Black Cats Hegarty, Patricia 3.79
Baby Loves Summer!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book Katz, Karen 3.74
Bizzy Bear: Pirate Adventure Crow, Nosy 3.85
Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!: A Sonic Adventure Marsalis, Wynton 3.59

Another book of “sounds” that my daughter LOVED. (Hard for me to read well, though, because I’ve never been good with jazz rhythms)

Girls’ Potty Time Sirett, Dawn 2.80
Walter the Baker Carle, Eric 3.80

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