“They’re never finished…”

Making a BowlI was on a little bit of a vacation the last two weeks. Why, I have just prodded you to ask (whether you cared or not)? Because I finally finished my last independent edit of my infamous manuscript.

Is it really and truly done? Of course not! I sent it off to my wonderful, lovely, generous beta readers, and they’ve already found things that I managed to miss, despite my at least four solid run-throughs. However, it is the most “done” that anything I have ever written has gotten to be!

Now it’s time for one one of my favorite anecdotes:
One of my high school teachers had apprenticed under a furniture maker when he was young- the old fashioned sort who handmade all his pieces with love. When his young assistant asked him if the desk, or whatever it was (I made it a desk in my head when I expanded the scene) was finished, the furniture maker replied, “They’re never finished. The clients just come and pick them up.” And went on polishing.

The reality of my office job taught me that deadlines aren’t such a bad thing. Very few of us will ever get anything just right, and if we ever do, they’ll probably be a huge cost to the other areas of our lives which we had to put on hold. Having an external decry that it’s time to move on to the next stage can be a huge help.

We’d be quite lucky if we all had clients waiting around for our finished products, wouldn’t we?

The picture, obviously not a furniture maker, is of an alabaster artist in Italy (a shot from an actual vacation a few years ago), demonstrating the process of creating a bowl.


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