Shutter Snaps: Orange-Gilt (WPC: Orange)


The picture below is more gold than orange- I was playing around with the various tools in iPhoto and really played up the orange temperature, so I decided to count it toward this challenge.


Inspired by The View Inside’s blog post about her Photo365 project, I decided this was just the thing to get me to experiment even more than the weekly photo challenges. I can proudly claim to have kept my goal of getting one original picture a day up for one whole week so far! The link for my ambitious start is hopefully here, if anyone’s curious (although I’ve been failing at links this month for some reason, and probably won’t get around to really navigating that well for a few more months, sadly.)


And we resume our regular programing with the photo and the usual poem vaguely, kind-of, maybe justifying the photo’s relation to the challenge’s theme, below:

Cheers, Everyone!

Pisces Pendant

Everything glitters gold in the sky
So that’s what you see in your mind’s eye
When you sit down with your horoscope:
All of your fancies and treasured hopes.
Not so much a cluttered writer’s desk,
Where deadlines make the whole thing grotesque.
~Brooke Lindsay

My submission for Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

3 thoughts on “Shutter Snaps: Orange-Gilt (WPC: Orange)

    1. Thanks! As you know, with a kid, it’s hard to find time to arrange a “proper” shoot or go out of your way to find inspiration! So this is just my lucky necklace I’ve been wearing all month!

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