February Roundup: Children’s Books and/or My Life

So, having a child has meant that I read a lot, although not necessarily as much I would have chosen for me. So I thought I’d start sharing a list of the many, many books which I have been reading (in many cases, over and over and over again) with notes about why in particular some were such hits. Maybe some other parents will find my experience helpful- maybe some will even have some suggestions for me!

P.S. To keep this manageable, I’m just jumping in with only the new books from February.

Happy reading!

Title Author Any notes about why these were particular favorites
Steam Train, Dream Train Rinker, Sherri Duskey * I liked this, but my daughter was too young to get into it.
Spells Gravett, Emily This book was sort of confusing as to how you were supposed to read, but visually stunning and fun.
Mix It Up! Tullet, Hervé My daughter loves this and it’s companion book- she finds them as exciting as an interactive ipad app would be!
Captain Cat Hoff, Syd
Lots of Spots Ehlert, Lois
Sam and the Firefly Eastman, P.D.
If I Were a Jungle Animal Ellery, Amanda
Mr. King’s Things Côté, Geneviève
Le Bebe Bour, Daniele
Ape in a Cape: An Alphabet of Odd Animals Eichenberg, Fritz
Wild Hughes, Emily * This book is just beautiful and fun!
Henny Stanton, Elizabeth Rose *
Peekaboo Kisses Saltzberg, Barney *
Thump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky Adventure Cronin, Doreen
Last Stop on Market Street Pena, Matt de la * My daughter loves this book, and it cracks me up because all that happens is a grandson takes a bus trip with his grandmother to the soup kitchen where they volunteer every week. Apparently, to my daughter, bus trips are just as magical as dragons. (We live in the city, and she loves trips on the subway, so I think she’s excited by the similarity to her actual experiences)
Once Upon an Alphabet: Short Stories for All the Letters Jeffers, Oliver
World of Reading X-Men: These are the X-Men Press, Thomas Macri Marvel
I Love You Through and Through Rossetti-Shustak, Bernadette
Corduroy Freeman, Don
The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night Spier, Peter Listen, I know I’m a vegetarian, so not the book’s ideal audience, but I still hated it. It wasn’t even consistent with the anthropomorphism of the foxes. My daughter didn’t care, so I felt no qualms returning it to the library after one read!
Say Hello to Zorro! Goodrich, Carter
Underground: Finding the Light to Freedom Evans, Shane W.
Tuck Me In! Scharschmidt, Tuck Me In Sherry
Hunwick’s Egg Fox, Mem
Good Night, Sleep Tight Fox, Mem
Tell Me About Your Day Today Fox, Mem She’s one of our favorite children’s authors, and this book was our favorite of hers that we picked out this month.
Go, Dog. Go! Eastman, P.D.
Charlie the Ranch Dog Drummond, Ree She loves this book, but I think it’s because she likes the dog pictures and the fake Southern accent I’ve taken to giving Charlie.
Press Here Tullet, Hervé My daughter’s just a little over one, and is at the perfect stage for this. This thinks it’s magic every time she “taps” the dot and “makes” something happen on the next page. Now, she definitely knows the word “Tap,” partially because of this book.
Giraffes Can’t Dance Andreae, Giles My daughter likes the rhyming and pictures. We adults like the story!
It’s an Orange Aardvark! Hall, Michael My daughter loves this one. She’s just learning colors, and the story is fun and easy to turn into a little performance.



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