The Book Was Better?:Oscar Edition

The Oscars


This weekend is the Oscars, and the good folks at The Strand wanted to remind us the nominees have no small times to your local bookstore! In case it’s hard to see in the picture, here are some of the books that have made it to Oscar’s attention.

The Hobbit

Oh, yeah, that one… I mean, three.

American Sniper

Oh yeah, that one everyone’s fighting about: whether it’s politics, sentimentality, or fake babies, everyone had an opinion to share! (I haven’t seen the film yet, so I don’t)

Gone Girl:

Yeah, there was that! The only issue I could see for Gillian Flynn with the movie is that it was so close, for people on the fence, the movie might make an adequate substitute for the book.

Alan Turing: The Enigma

Another inspiring- but simultaneously- depressing- life, another great movie: The Imitation Game.

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Illustrated Screenplay:

For real die-hard Wes Anderson fans, the movie made a reverse trip back to the page!

Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film

Photographer Matt Lankes documented the rather remarkable process that director Linklater and his actors underwent during the twelve year shoot.

Travelling to Infinity

Sure, some people are saying that the Theory of Everythingbased on Jane Hawking’s book might tell her side of the story, but it sure made a great movie!

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Another one I haven’t seen yet.

Inherent Vice

One my brother saw and only half-vouched for…

Still Alice

Apparently, this one’s another self-publishing success story.


Adapted screenplay by Nick Hornby, my best best friend! 🙂

Rebecca and Atonement

Space-fillers, or reference to the 1940 and 2007 flicks?


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