The Book Was Better?: The Fault in Our Stars

All right, I’m sure that everyone who wanted to has already read the book, seen the movie, or decided to do both. However, as long as it takes me to get around to finishing books, it takes that much longer to get around to blog posts, and I do want to state for the record that The Fault in Our Stars was a great book that absolutely held up its promise in movie form.

Even though it’s a bit unnecessary, I’m throwing in the trailer (because I love trailers, and maybe someone will stumble on this post ten years down the line and have no idea what the craze I’m referencing is)

Yes, I was wary because of the hype- for both versions, but they both pleasantly surprised me. Honestly, I normally avoid fiction that revolves around cancer- it usually winds up feeling either depressing or dishonest. This story found a balance, and I thought managed to keep from tilting too much one way or the other even when Hollywood got its hands on it. I completely understand the issues that many people point out, but I thought it was wonderful to have a book that knocked the protagonist- a kid dying of cancer- out of the rarified, sainted stereotype she’d normally be regulated to and into a much more regular role of heroine: much like scrambled eggs getting to make the jump off the breakfast menu.

However, for the cynic in me (and in my audience), I am also including the Honest Trailer cut-down, below. Because as much as I enjoyed the book and the movie, parts of this also made me chuckle in recognition.

Although, I would like to point out that the movie significantly “upgraded” their European vacation: I know, because I went to Amsterdam on a budget and stayed at the the real life Hotel Filosoof… I enjoyed my stay, but it was heavier on charm than luxury.

How much did you love/hate the book? The movie? The changes from the book to the movie? The craze that has surrounded this? The idea of wearing hazy blue t-shirts with “Okay” word bubbles while sipping your beverage from a matching themed travel cup?


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