The Dust Jacket: Alexandra Monir

The usual event room at East 86th Street’s Barnes and Noble had been transformed for an elegant soirée, with flowers, hors d’oevres, and even some uniformed waiters- which all fit with the stars of the evening, writer-performer Alexandra Monir, and her latest release, Suspicion.

Alexandra Monir at Barnes and NobleMonir, it must be noted, is the kind of beautifully presented  woman that would probably make you feel about three sizes larger than you actually are, standing next to her. Oh yes, and sloppy and disheveled, to boot.

Inspired by Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca and Downton Abbey, she embarked on a research project that sounded, suspiciously, like far too much fun to be what-I’d-call-work…. She mentioned, for example, Tatler Magazine and cited some of their more ridiculous headlines, such as “WANT TO BE A DUCHESS?” (Seriously, does she need a research assistant?)

Suspicion was drawn out of these and other inspirations: Monir is also a singer. (Of course she can sing too!) She performed a song that not only perfectly captured a moment in her character’s romance, but also was a favorite of her late grandmother and namesake, opera singer Monir Vakili, You can listen to her rendition of Autumn Leaves here.


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