Shutter Snaps: Make Yourself Comfortable (WPC: Warmth)

Comfy Dog

Pillows, down, and feathers:
Warmer than warm weather.
~Brooke Lindsay


4 thoughts on “Shutter Snaps: Make Yourself Comfortable (WPC: Warmth)

  1. Hi! Just noted that you now following our blog. I hope you get as much pleasure out of reading the posts, as Ray and I do while writing them. To be honest, Ray does not actually write them as his feet are too big for the keyboard, but he consistently gives me ideas to work with.

    1. Ray is adorable! The dog in this post is actually my parent’s dog, but since we found him abandoned on the sidewalk, I still retain the rights to post pictures of him on my blog:-) He’s much sillier than my dog, who, if she could understand English, would probably tell me that the concept of blogging was beneath her!

      1. Yes he is adorable ………….. but he was nothing close to that when we allowed him to move in with us! He has been a lot of work, but no regrets. He is adorable!

  2. I look forward to looking through your blog for the stories… Sometimes it’s more fun the more trouble they are… I adopted my current dog at 6, and she was trained by people who clearly thought a dog should know its place in the family- so she never gets on furniture, chews anything, or has any accidents in the house not brought on by health issues… It’s “the dream,” but it’s not the most interesting conversation!

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