The Book Was Better?: Gone Girl

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn


That is the answer to, “How does the movie hold up to the book?”

Personally, I looooooved the teaser trailer that was put out (the first video below), and found the “official trailer” (also featured beneath) pretty ho-hum-seen-that-already. Both the movie and the book deliver on the potential that first, creepy “teaser.” The cast is phenomenal, only Margo is less *brassy* than I pictured her— but how many strong women in one film can Hollywood really handle? (Honestly?)

There are some small details I could nit-pick if I felt up to risking spoilers… I did find it interesting how the his/her perspectives varied ever-so slightly in the film. Were those differences to accommodate the different mediums? Or was it because scenes represented in the film had to represent a shared physical reality, unlike the individual narrations in the text, that had the excuse of playing out in the character’s psyches?

I declare the comments section SPOILERS, caps all the way from the first to the last s! Anyone who already has the details, please feel free to share your opinions about them! Anyone who wants to preserve the surprise, DO NOT comment or read thread, please! Sure, no one’s commented yet, but I’m tired of people screaming “No spoilers!” at me as soon as I mention the title!


3 thoughts on “The Book Was Better?: Gone Girl

  1. I saw the movie without having read the book and I’m still debating on whether or not I should read GONE GIRL. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, but the ending left me somewhat dissatisfied/upset haha so it made me not want to read the novel

    1. In that case, I’m not sure you should read the novel… The ending’s the same. To me, the main difference is that Nick was more of a jerk in the book, so maybe you feel less bad about him getting stuck with a psychopath???

      My brother likes mysteries but is in grad school and doesn’t have a lot of time for pleasure reading, so I recommended for him to see the movie but not worry about reading the book unless he fell absolutely in love with it… (Bad book lover, me!)

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