Shutter Snaps: Holiday Transit (Converge)

1. I promise to stop taking pictures for the weekly photo challenge with my phone camera but 2. in my defense, it’s still so new and fancy for me! and 3) Since none of them are that technically great I am cheating and including a couple of shots that all capture both convergence and holiday window displays in New York….

Train in MiniatureTourists stop and take up space
Bags and maps all o’er the place
Corners, sidewalks, crowded in
Commuters grit their teeth, chagrin’d
All these flashing holiday lights,
Skyscrapers: that some call “sights,”
The visitors just seem to miss
The fact that they’re still offices.
~me (and every other New Yorker during the Holiday season)


Barney's 2014 Holiday Windows

Barney's 2014 Holiday WindowsBarney's 2014 Holiday WindowsBarney's 2014 Holiday Windows



Lord & Taylor's 2014 Holiday WindowHoliday Train at Grand CentralMacy's 2014 Holiday WIndowsMacy's 2014 Holiday Windows





4 thoughts on “Shutter Snaps: Holiday Transit (Converge)

  1. I’m still relatively new to New York City but the feelings in the poem. I share them .. haha. which is sad considering I was definitely one of those tourists taking up space


    1. Oh yes, me, too! Part of my walk to work used to be on 5th, by Rockefeller Center, so it was particularly bad… I like holiday windows too… But I’m now a lot of more conscious of the fact that other people might need to walk somewhere nearby on a schedule. I think walking places is such a rarity in most of the states that it’s hard for tourists to remember that pedestrians will actually be walking to work, or appointments, and aren’t just out for a leisurely stroll.

      1. yes! my work location changed so now I’m on 51st and 6th walking right by Radio City music hall… tourist season has started

      2. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t 1) hold hands and walk side-by-side, 2) decide the middle of the corner is the best place to pull out their maps, or 3) take pictures of themselves in front of anything ressembling a “landmark” (including, on at least one occassion I witnessed, the Ann Taylor on 5th)

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