Call It Culture: The Moby Dick Marathon

It exists! I’m not quite sure why it exists. Did the founders put off their reading until the last minute and have fond memories of binge-reading Melville for 72 hours straight in their younger days? But it’s here, and it’s already on it’s second go-round: the Moby Dick Marathon.

I made it to a little bit of the opening night at Ace Hotel, and it was cool. Trendy cool, maybe (I’m not necessarily the best judge of these things): a lot of young or young-looking people with drinks in hand, laughing at the appropriate parts, but it was great because: how many places can you go where Melville is cool? How many people remember that he can actually be funny?

The event continues the rest of the weekend, on Saturday at the South Street Seaport Museum and Sunday at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, and it seems like a really fun thing to stop in on.

Not to be too finicky, though, but when are they going to give me my Billy Budd Marathon?


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