Call It Culture?: In Honor of Veteran’s Day…

The New York Public Library has a small exhibit (smaller than my apartment!) entitled: Over Here: WWI and the Fight for the American Mind. The room is packed with propaganda, celebrating our brave boys (and vilifying the Germans).

Probably because I love ironic, self deprecating t-shirts, the theme that particularly caught my attention was that of the “Slacker.” I’m pretty sure that back then, not even I could have laughingly applied the term to myself.

As the poem says, it is true that “a country must needs be defended,” and I am grateful for everyone whose served, past and present. I do hope that peace prevails and as few people as have to are forced to make this sacrifice in the future.

Dare to be a Man Don't Wait to be Drafted
Don’t Be a Slacker Dare to be a Man
Don’t Wait to be Drafted
The Slacker
The Slacker A man who won;t fight for his country Should be driven clear out of the state. A man who won’t fight for his homestead Deserves not the love of a mate. A country must needs be defended. The slacker lays back on the shelf And leaves the defending to others, But leaves the disgrace to himself.

Poster from NYPL Exhibit


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