Accountability (Mine)

I began this blog to force myself to reach out to a larger creative community, like the introvert who enrolls in improv classes just  to up her conversational skills. I have been diligently writing, editing, re-writing, and re-editing my first novel (the first one I finished only really had enough juice to be a “novella,” so it’s resting somewhere else for awhile). While I believe that the private sweat and tears will pay off eventually-even if it’s only in that  am finally happy with the finished product- sharing my writing with the world is like an entirely different skill set that thesesemi-regimented weekday writing times hasn’t actually helped develop.

On the other hand, I’m somewhere in that 98% perspiration stage of writing, and want to shake the people who are in that 2% inspiration stage. So writing about writing is not my cup of tea at the moment.

Rather, I thought it would be nice to share external places where I found inspiration. I started out with books, specifically author events: partially because creating this feature would help give me incentive to get out of the house regularly, to more varied and occasionally intellectually challenging activities then, say, Infant Lapsit Storytimes. (I love my baby, but I do not love The Itsy Bitsy Spider as much as she does)

I hope no one minds, but I am working on branching out a bit. I have always loved photography and found it something of a relief to just admire and turn the words off sometimes: hence I’ve begun participating in the weekly photo challenge. I’m also hoping to expand my outings and share some other less tightly related cultural exhibitions that strike me as nice, solid building blocks to support artistic habits. All these posts will be delineated as part of the “Shutter Snaps” or “Call It Culture” series: because ten years of administrative work has taught me the value of basic, organizational systems, and also, so you can avoid or seek them out as you wish.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this or any of my other features and helping me get my land legs in this thing we call a public forum!


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