The Dust Jacket: Cary Elwes

Cary Elwes at Barnes & Noble“If you haven’t seen the film, I recommend it.” Cary Elwes joked, as he pitched As You Wish to a packed house. It’s a love letter, he said, not only to the film but to his incredible cast members and the experience they shared on set.

And what a letter it promises to be! Want to find out how Andre the Giant used to get to school? Why Cary Elwes really mastered the left-handed fencing sequence? How he found out that Pope John Paul II was a fan of the movie? Then read the book! I’m just here to tell you how dashing and incredibly gracious Cary Elwes is in person, not to kidnap what he’s rightfully *storied*!

It was almost inconceivable how gracious he was. He offered up each tale with enough care and attention to satisfy the most stalwart fans, usually conceding the spotlight to his costars. He turned out a charm offensive worthy of Agrippa and made all of us consumers feel like we were part of the experience, too.

Incidentally, he seems to be a little bit of sucker for impressions. My favorite was Andre the Giant, but then, I guess I’m biased. There’s a shortage of perfect *sportsmanship* in the world- it’s a pity we lost his:-)

Ideal date: A fencing class, of course. Learn to spar with the Dread Pirate Roberts? I’d slay them all with that story!

P.S. Please feel free to point out all of the Princess Bride quotes that I should have been able to work in!


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