The Dust Jacket: Susan Minot

Susan at Books at Noon
Susan at Books at Noon

Susan Minot was featured in this week’s Books at Noon program, and we made it! I even took a picture to prove it (See how close we were?)

She spoke with an easy, laid back elegance. Her latest novel, Thirty Girls, “came to her” years ago at a dinner party- where a parent of one of the actual thirty girls in question was also a guest. (You can find a much more detailed synopsis and backstory in The New York Times book review.)

I could easily picture sitting across from her at the kind of dinner party where this conversation would happen and her handling it with calm and aplomb. Most of the interview, she had what would probably be counted as poor posture if not for her casual confidence that asserted, plainly, it was not. In conversation, she tackled the vast difference between the two narrators of the book, the different writing styles of her mentors, and even admitted to loving movies as much as books growing up with self-effacing diplomacy.

Ideal date: If I had an afternoon to spend with Susan Minot, I would take her to an art museum. It’s not just that she used to paint, which certainly makes my proposal unoriginal, she also demonstrated a loose-yet-solid understanding of very different cultures that would make the less Western-European-Exhibits a great experience to share with her.


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