The Why

The written word is beautiful but often isolating. Books make a wonderful escape from “real life”- if I must count the life outside of my head as the real one. They make better friends than most people- after all, they only let me down once or not at all. I find myself overreacting much more when others innocently criticize my fictional friends than my flesh-and-blood ones. All that being said, give-and-take conversations are kind of essential to a life well-lived so it’s not exactly the best idea to shut myself off with nothing but finished products for company. I’m seeking an outlet to share what could potentially turn into an isolating escape. Maybe I’m also hoping to find a more dynamic understanding of the whole freaking creative process- both the output and the intake stages- than I would come up with all on my own. So, pull up a chair and let me know makes you loose your cool when other people start in “your” books.


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